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Founder's Story

Welcome to KaYen!

KaYen represents my journey over a span of 30 years. As a teenager, I suffered from cystic acne, which took a serious toll on my self-confidence. My struggle inspired me to seek a deeper understanding of the skin and skincare practices so I could learn how to achieve the healthy, beautiful skin I knew I deserved.  

After completing a degree in pharmacology at the King’s College, London, I worked and studied cosmetic science under Professor Christine Poelman in Paris. After my studies, I embarked on a journey researching plant ingredients from different continents with known skincare benefits. 

I went on to establish the first internationally accredited academy for spa and aesthetics training in Ghana, and created a day spa that blends natural wellness traditions from around the world to unlock the power of natural beauty and skincare.

 I am thrilled to share KaYen with you. KaYen represents tried and true natural skincare products that  have been thoughtfully created to fit your unique skin care needs. 

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