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About Us

Our Story
KaYen Skinscience was created to offer all hues of skin an effective natural skincare product range using bio-available plant extracts and nutrients to achieve the results you seek for beautiful skin and a confident new you.  Drawing from time-tested natural ingredients from all over the world, KaYen Skinscience products are thoughtfully designed to deliver results for all skin hues. KaYen Skinscience embraces you wherever in the world you live.  KaYen Skinscience is for you!
Our Standards/Mission
Skincare from the Earth
KaYen Skinscience is a skincare range that incorporates centuries old ingredients from every continent based on their proven performance benefits to the skin.  Our modern formulations remain true to nature, and provide solutions for your skincare concerns. We do not add unnecessary ingredients or ‘fillers’ into our products.  All of our concentrated natural ingredients serve a purpose, to offer you a natural route to achieving beautiful skin.
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